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Data Protection Officers (DPO)

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GDPR creates a legal obligation for many companies to have a Data Protection Officer from 25th May 2018. We've seen this create a lot of confusion across organisations. At DataGRC, we provide DPO services, assessment and support services to help overcome these challenges.

Here are some key useful facts:

  1. Public organisations (if subject to Freedom of Information Act) must have a DPO. It is also recommended for private companies working for those public companies.
  2. Companies whose core activities purposefully process large volumes of personal data must have a DPO.
  3. The DPO must be an expert in data protection law and security, and understand the business.
  4. The DPO role must be independent of key process decision making roles, such as CEO, COO, CIO, Head of HR, Head of Marketing, etc.
  5. The DPO must communicate directly with the Board, and be able to engage with all other areas of the business.
  6. The DPO role can be outsourced to specialist advisors like DataGRC, shared with other organisations, and be made part-time to optimise expertise and costs.

The DPO is there to independently assess and advise the Board on their organsiation's level of compliance.

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How can Data GRC help?

DataGRC provides the necessary expertise and independence, through our part-time retainer model.

We adopt a three phase approach when working with new organisations:

  1. A current state assessment, using our tried and tested framework. We always incorporate any work that has been done by the business to date.
  2. Remediation support, to help with additional changes that could be required.
  3. On-going DPO services aligned to the legal obligations, including assurance, guidance, reporting and support.

We review the level of support that is required on a regular basis, to ensure sufficient coverage without overpaying.

Our DPOs are all highly qualified specialists, with extensive practitioner experience in data protection and information Security across a range of industries.

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+44 (0) 208 133 0242