11 Key Things a GDPR Website Privacy Notice Policy Must Have

Top 11 Things a GDPR Website Privacy Notice or Privacy Policy Must Have

What MUST be on a GDPR Website Privacy Notice or Privacy Policy?

Under GDPR, Every website probably needs a GDPR Privacy Notice or Policy.

It’s different to the Website Terms of Use, the Terms and Conditions.

If you’re not sure whether to call it a Privacy Notice or Privacy Policy, this article may help.

But what do you need to include, to comply with UK and European Data Protection laws, such as GDPR and DPA?

We’ve listed the top things youll find in GDPR below.

To read the actually legislation, which is sometimes a bit hard going, have a look here.

Top 11 things a Privacy Notice or Privacy Policy must have are:

  1. The identity and the contact details of the controller
  2. The local representative where applicable
  3. The contact details of the data protection officer where applicable
  4. The intended purposes of the processing
  5. The legal basis for the processing
  6. The legitimate interests pursued by the controller or by a third party where applicable
  7. The recipients or categories of recipients
  8. Any intended restricted international B2B transfers of data (e.g. to US) and the safeguards (e.g. SCC or IDTA)
  9. The period data will be stored or the criteria used to determine that period
  10. The data subjects’ rights
  11. Whether data is needed for legal or contractual reasons, and the consequences of not providing that data

But, with all that said, the most important question is, if you take an objective view or have third parties read the privacy notice, can they clearly see how you are processing personal data for different reasons. Can you answer “why is what data being processed by who”?

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