Privacy and Security Training For Your Teams

DataGRC provides a wide range specialist courses for data protection, infomation security and GDPR training.

Feedback from hundreds of attendees has been amazing!

Online Training

The DataGRC Online Training System is easily accessible to all staff and easy to use.

Modules include tests, attestations and management reporting, and can be tailored specifically for your business.

Our online system allows you to demonstrate consistent training standards across the full organisation.

Workshop Training

For more advanced training, we provide face-to-face training highly interactive workshops

Course presenters are operationally experienced in training, data protection and information security.

Together, we will work through real world case studies, to really bring the topics to life.

Training For the Board and Executives:

Courses include:

  1. Governance For Data Protection Training
  2. Governance For Information Security Training
  3. Executive Protection For Fraud and Cyber Crime Training
  4. Data Protection Industry Updates Training
  5. Information Security Industry Updates Training

Training For All Employees

Courses include:

  1. Fundamentals of Data Protection & GDPR Training
  2. Information Security fundamentals Training
  3. Cyber Security Fundamentals Training
  4. GDPR For Operations Training

Training For Privacy & Security Specialists

Courses include:

  1. Advanced Data Protection Officer Training
  2. Advanced Data Protection and GDPR Training
  3. Advanced Information Security Training
  4. Advanced Risk Management Training
  5. ICO Checklist Training
  6. Cyber Essentials Training
  7. ISO 27001 ISMS Training

What do attendees say?

Jamie, Compliance Manager – “Great content. Very knowledgeable presenter. Very good, illutrative examples, interactive and helpful approach. Willing to take questions and relaxed style with great tone and intonation. Would highly recommend.”

Martin, Finance Director – “An excellent course – thanks” Celia, MD – “Great presenter. Very knowledgeable and kept everyone interested.” Fiona, MD – “Presenter did an excellent job delivering a dry, complex subject with pace and clarity” Natasha, IT – “Great speaker, patient, friendly, helpful.”


  • How long are GDPR training courses?
    Courses are typically half-day or full-day. BespokeWe can change the duration of the course, based on
  • How long are data protection courses and information security courses?
    Courses are typically half-day or full-day. BespokeWe can change the duration of the course, based on

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