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Outsourced Data Protection Officer

For many organisations, data protection and information security is a distraction from their core business interests.

We can provide you with an experienced data protection officer (DPO) to support your business and teams.

Whether you need on senior DPO for a few ad-hoc hours each month, or a team of data protection specialists full time.

We can provide the resources you need to help mitigate your data protection risks, using a highly cost effective, on-demand model, designed around your business needs.

Outsourced Virtual DPO

Recruiting an in-house Data Protection Officer can be difficult and inefficient.

Legally, the DPO must be independent of your personal data processing and experts in data protection.

The DPO also needs to perform a proactive auditor role, helping the business to understand what they and can’t do, and finding alternative solutions to deliver business requirements in a legal manner.

Financially, once core data protection controls are embedded and the full business engaged, the DPO role can become much lighter, but work loads will often fluctuate as specialist knowledge is needed for assurance, data subject requests and incidents.

GDPR specifically states that the DPO role can be performed internally or by a third party outsourced DPO provider.

Our Outsourced Virtual DPO services will provide you a named specialist DPO partner, who will work closely with you and your business, while helping you to align with you legal obligations.

Engagement levels can be varied, based on business requirements and specific data proction activities performed over the year.

For more information about the DPO role and tasks, read our DPO Obligations report.

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