Grand Theft Auto GTA Security Breach – Rockstar Breach


It is thought that Rockstar Games, producers of Grand Theft Auto (GTA), has suffered a security breach.

Teapotuberhacker posted 90 short videos, which appears to show footage of the unreleased version of GTA 6.

Teapotuberhacker suggested they want to negotiate a deal with Rockstar, otherwise they will release the source code of GTA 5, and GTA 6 to the public.

It was suggested that the video and code were stolen from Rockstar’s Slack channel. Slack is a messaging tool, that can be used to send and share audio and video clips between people.

The hacker stole intellectual property, which may include trade secrets, It has allowed unauthorised people to view the part completed game, which may damage their perception of the game.

It may even damage Rockstar’s stock market price.

Alternatively, it may be seen as a teaser, with all the additional media coverage actually increasing peoples interest in the product before launch!

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