Grindr fined EUR 5.7m for GDPR marketing breach

Grindr, the self claimed “world’s largest social networking app for LGBTQ” has been fined (July 2024) €5.65m under GDPR, by the Oslo District Court in Norway.

Finally responding to a 2020 complaint from the Norwegian Consumer Council, the court found that sensitive personal data was being shared with numerous commercial third parties, in an inappropriate and unlawful way.

The court upheld the fine which was proposed by two data protection organisations in Norway, the Datatilsynet (the Norwegian Data Protection Authority) and the Personvernnemda (the Norwegian privacy Appeals Board).

It was suggest that Grindr had been collecting special categories of personal data, which was then shared with third party for the purpose of targeted advertising and marketing.

Campaigners are now asking what about those third parties that had been recieving the unlawful data and using that data for unlawful direct marketing.

The press release from the Norwegian Consumer Council is here.

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